Family Mediation Fourth edition


In explaining non-court dispute resolution processes and in managing the mediation process carefully, mediators need awareness, empathy and a high level of knowledge and skills.



Why should you buy Family Mediation Fourth edition

In order to explain dispute resolution processes, assess the suitability of mediation and assist family members to work out mutually agreed decisions and arrangements, mediators need interdisciplinary knowledge combined with empathy, cross-cultural awareness and a high level of interpersonal, communication and conflict management skills.

This 4thEdition of Lisa Parkinson’s book refers to recent developments in family law and includes new thinking on mediation theory and practice, and new requirements for child-inclusive mediation. The principles and process of family mediation are explained and illustrated with numerous case examples. Mediation with families during periods of upheaval and change needs to be placed in the context of the family justice system and support systems for adults and children. The appendices contain key sample documentation. This is the authoritative book in its subject area and essential reading for all mediators.