Butterworths Medico- Legal Reports




This up to date and comprehensive series is based on the easily accessible format of the All England Law Reports. Butterworths Medico-Legal Reports offers expert and accurate reporting of cases on a wide range of areas such as medical negligence, consent to treatment, National Health Service administrative and employment law, pharmaceutical products, quantum damages, mental health and the conduct of medical bodies. Each report consists of:
* Keywords identifying the principal legal points

* Concise headnotes summarising the relevant
facts of the case and the court’s decision
* A procedural history of the case
* The full text of the judgment
* Comprehensive reporting of important new
cases on medico-legal issues
* Easy to follow layout with easy access to the
pertinent legal issues
Six chargeable volumes are published per year to
help ensure subscribers are kept up to date with
the latest case law.

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