Atkins Court Forms 2d Complete Law Journal Set




Atkin’s Court Formsis the United Kingdom’s only encyclopaedia of Civil Litigation Forms, Precedents and Procedure. Set updated till 2018

It provides practitioners with a truly unrivalled collection of the main procedural documents required in every civil proceeding before the courts and judicial tribunals of England and Wales.

The encyclopaedia has been completely updated to comply with the Civil Procedures Rules, giving you a vast array of commentary and guidance on the application of the Rules and around 10,000 CPR compliant Forms & Precedents, drafted in a modern and authoritative manner.

It is the perfect drafting tool for litigators, helping to ensure that you find the right form for the right process at the right time and place, saving you time and money and assisting in the smooth operation of the court process.

The encyclopaedia is easy to use and practical in its emphasis. Each title contains expert commentary to guide you through general and specialist court procedures. Procedural tables act as handy checklists for experienced practitioners, or step-by-step guides for the less qualified, while the Forms and Precedents cover all stages of proceedings from pre-action right through to post judgment. The Forms are fully annotated and cross-referenced to the appropriate paragraphs in the explanatory text.


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