Registration of Company Charges Third edition


A comprehensive guide to the requirements and procedure for registering charges.



Why should you buy Registration of Company Charges Third edition

Registration of Company Charges is a comprehensive guide to the charges registration system, setting out the objectives and background of charges registration and explaining the requirements and procedure.

This new edition provides guidance on distinguishing charges which require registration and those which do not, and explains in detail the mechanisms of the registration system with particular attention given to the roles of the various parties to the process. It also contains practical advice on the complex issue of determining priorities between competing charges over the same property and considers weaknesses in the registration regime and the inadequacies of the priority rules.

Fully updated, this new edition is timed to take into account the implementation of relevant provisions of the Companies Act 2006 and key developments including:

* Full coverage of the new registration of charges regime introduced by Part 25 of the Companies Act 2006
* A comparison of the new law with previous company legislation
* Coverage of the case law since the publication of the last edition including the implications of the Spectrum decision
* Full consideration of the new regime for the registration of charges created by foreign-registered companies including the replacement of the Slavenburg register
* Detailed examination of the priority position with competing charges over the same property
* Consideration of the prospect of further legislative reforms and the scope of such reforms