Practical Corporate Governance: For Smaller Quoted Companies Second edition


An invaluable book for all directors, investors and their professional advisors interested in developing their companies, increasing profitability and success.



Why should you buy Practical Corporate Governance: For Smaller Quoted Companies Second edition


This edition focuses on the governance of Smaller Quoted Companies, including those aspiring to enter the FTSE-250. Where relevant the application of sound governance principles to private companies will also be explained.

Beginning with a director?s view of UK corporate governance, subsequent chapters cover the duties of directors, non-executive directors, boards and their effectiveness, and finally the link between governance and shareholders.

You get:

* Practical corporate governance help for directors.
* Application of 2012 UK Corporate Governance Code with helpful comments.
* Guidance notes for chairmen, non-executive directors, and company secretaries
* Detailed treatment of Section 172 (duty to promote the success of the company) of the 2006 Companies Act.
* Appendices with website references for easy access

What’s New?

* Greater emphasis on people in governance – their skills, values, behaviours and decision making.
* Case Studies covering non-executives, board effectiveness, corporate governance reporting and engagement with shareholders, and terms of reference for audit, remuneration and nomination committees.
* Updated examination of the relationship between company boards and their shareholders.
* Compendium of chapter summaries for easy reference
* A look into the future for governance of smaller quoted companies.

This is an invaluable book for all directors, company secretaries, investors, accountants and lawyers. It will also be of use to participants on university or business school executive post-graduate education programmes, as well as of interest to public policy makers and regulators