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The Law Reports Reprint covers all the important English cases reported since 1865. It is divided into the First Series, covering cases from 1865-1875, the Second Series, dealing with cases from 1875-1890, and the Third Series, which includes cases from 1891 to the present day.

The cases in each volume are well set out, in a clear, easy-to-read typeface. The headnotes which precede each case conform to an extremely high standard, and each volume contains a comprehensive table of cases reported. The Law Reports are always cited first in court.

Many purchasers of Law Reports Reprint have added to the usefulness of their sets by purchasing the continuation volumes which are available for the years subsequent to 1971. Each year continuation volumes are published, covering Chancery (bound in red), Appeal cases (brown), Queen’s Bench (green), and Family cases (blue). Each continuation volume opens with a list of judges, a table of cases reported, lists of cases, statutes and statutory instruments and international conventions judicially considered, and a list of subject matter giving a brief summary of cases.

The 565 volumes of Law Reports Reprint 1865-1971 represented a reduction of some 84 volumes against the original reports. This reduction was achieved by the amalgamation of several of the smaller volumes, while an electronic process ensured that every page is an exact replica of the original. Each individual division is bound in a different colour to make for ease of identification, greatly speeding up the process of selecting particular volumes.

Now containing over 680 hard cover volumes, this is an essential tool for legal research.

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