Bankruptcy And Personal Insolvency Reports 2002 To 2013




This series of law reports ensures that you are kept fully aware of all the case law developments in personal insolvency and other related areas that impact upon the practices of those advising in personal insolvency. The series brings together case law from pure insolvency law cases and a wide range of subject areas including civil procedure, commercial, property and family law in so far as they impact on personal insolvency issues in practice. It ensures you are kept up to date with all the latest case law whether in relation to the conflict between matrimonial proceedings and creditors’ rights (Kremen v Agrest,Arif v Anwar), statutory demands (Webster v Mackay,Jones v FSA,Darbyshire v Turpin), the definition of bankruptcy debts (Nortel), enforcement against the bankrupt’s property (Liggett, Mallon, Graham, Kurd), the remuneration and costs of the trustee in bankruptcy (Secondus v Atkinson,Kaliq), whether to accept an IVA proposal rather than make a bankruptcy order (McNally,Mirpuri), individual voluntary arrangements (Davis v Price,Golstein v Bishop,Smith-Evans v Smailes), annulments (Consolidated Finance Limited v Collins, Oraki, Salliss) the jurisdiction of the court under the EC Regulation (O’Donnell, Flannery, Becker) or the impact of bankruptcy on professionals (Dowland, Moseley)

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